In this Online Masterclass, you will learn how to

  • Improve your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Occupational Health
  • Reprogram your Mindset and Choose the right Thoughts, Beliefs, Intentions
  • Control your Emotions so They Don’t Control you. Move from Fear (doubts, worries, shame, self-sabotaging, resentment, stress, anxiety…) into Love
  • Reconnect to your Essence/Soul/Life Force within you
  • Deepen your Relationships with Yourself and your Loved Ones, with Hands-On Communication Techniques
  • Define your Visions and Actions in all the Health Categories
  • Schedule, Install and Track your new Habits. Develop the 10 Virtues to Maintain them in the Long Term
  • Uncover your Life Purpose or Ikigai, in alignment with your Talents, Values, Passions, and Life Stories
  • Implement Practical Strategies to Move from Crisis to  Transformation
  •  Tap into your True Power and Potential so You can Make a Quantum Leap in your Life
  • Heal and Transform in a Profound and Sustainable way

​​This Purpose-Driven and Action-Oriented Masterclass is for You if​

  • You are longing for better physical health, more mental strength, emotional balance, spiritual awakening, deeper fulfilling relationships and more meaning in your work
  • You want to grow, learn, transform and become the best version of yourself
  • You are tired of having dreams but not taking the steps to make them come true
  • You are committed to working on your mindset and installing new habits in your life
  • You are ready to heal from your past and move forward with new energy
  • You want to write a new chapter in your life
  • You want to have more quality time for yourself and your loved ones 
  • You want to be an example for your communities (family, friends, co-workers…)
  • You want to feel more joy, peace of mind, love, freedom and connection 


* 2 explanatory videos
* 40 inspiring and transformative video coaching sessions (20-30 minutes each)
* A digital course (140 pages), with the main teaching points, practical exercises, and your daily assignments
* A beautiful Vision-Book
* My active meditations, specially designed for this masterclass
* Daily and monthly trackers to track your progress
* Dozens of transformational tools
* Additional resources (book references, videos, TED Talks, documentaries…)
* Lifetime access to the private Facebook Community “TRANSFORM”

​You can evolve at your own pace and revisit all the modules as often as you want!!!

BONUS – In addition to the Masterclass, I’m inviting you to join the TRANSFORM Inner Circle for 8 LIVE SESSIONS FOR FREE (90 minutes each).

During each session, you’ll receive additional support and you’ll be able to ask all your questions. You will also reconnect to your mind (with mindful practical exercises), your heart (psychotherapeutic exercises), your breath &  body (yoga session) and your soul (meditation). The support of such an accountability community is priceless at a time we most need to connect and belong.

​Interested in my new TRANSFORM Masterclass?

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This Masterclass and Life Practice is an Integrative Approach to Life, combining Mind-Soul-Heart-Body Transformation.

My unique approach merges science and spirituality and is based on my experiences with indigenous communities.

My purpose is to create communities of game-changers like you, who inspire and support each other on their life journeys. 

By investing in yourself, you are also supporting indigenous communities, as a percentage of your financial contribution goes directly to SINCHI, a foundation that highlights the important role indigenous peoples play in protecting the environment and biodiversity, and promotes the universal indigenous values of community, cooperation, relationship to nature and ceremony (music, art, dance). Today I am deeply committed to supporting them the best way I can because they welcomed me when I needed them most in my personal journey.

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